Evaluation 2019: Adequate Mission, High Degree of Goal Achievement

Over the past year, the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna (IHS) was evaluated by five internationally renowned experts. The scientific evaluation was carried out based on a request from the IHS, which had developed a new mission statement and series of ambitious goals in 2015 and 2016.

The Evaluation Committee highlighted that great progress had been made by the IHS. The report suggests that the IHS has an adequate mission statement and set of objectives, but it sees potential for further improvements. “IHS has made very good progress in the past few years under difficult financial and organizational conditions; further steps must now be taken to ensure that IHS can become even more research-oriented and focused” emphasized Professor Wambach as the Chair of the Evaluation Committee.

On the basis of the evaluation report and its 14 recommendations, the IHS Board of Trustees will work towards greater financial planning security, as is similarly outlined in the recently formed government’s agenda. It will also further streamline research activities, while maintaining the interdisciplinarity of the IHS in encompassing economics and other social sciences,  and improve the support of the IHS researchers.

The full report is provided here.