Digifonds of AK Vienna funds 31 projects

The vienna chamber of labor has announced to fund 31 projects as part of its Digitalisierungsfonds Arbeit 4.0. Among them is the IHS project HearMeOut – Gender and Online-Meetings.

The Work 4.0 Digitization Fund of AK Vienna has set itself the goal of placing people, and in particular employees, at the center of digitization. The 6th funding round was completed at the end of 2022: Out of 107 submissions, 31 project applications were selected and thus approximately EUR 4 million in funding was granted. In total, 545 submissions in 6 calls have been processed since 2019 and 154 projects over EUR 16.2 million have been approved for funding.

One of those projects is lead by IHS senior researcher Laura Wiesböck and deals gender inequalities in virtual conferences (Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, etc.) where spatial relationships change and visual presentation is the focus. The goal of the project, titled "HearMeOut –  Gender und Online-Meetings", it to develop a guide for gender equity in online meetings.