Conference: Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics

The Society for the Advancement of Socioeconomics (SASE) organizes its 32nd annual conference from July 18-20, 2020 in Amsterdam. Lorenz Lassnigg, Aaron Benavot, Stephanie Matseleng Allais and Justin J.W. Powell organizes the Mini-Conference Education Policies and Practices for Social Progress in Globalizing Worlds: Are New Socio-Economic Perspectives Needed?” which will be featured as a separate stream in the program. Socio-economic perspectives on education policy are important in development models. However, social science disciplines tend to compete rather than collaborate in their analysis of education. The purpose of the mini-conference is to engage and juxtapose different disciplinary perspectives on these issues, taking the IPSP Report as a starting point.

The following topics/questions should be addressed:

  • How should education policy weigh the links between economic, political, social, and cultural purposes, and what alternatives to instrumental understandings of education policy exist?
  • How and with what consequences might globalization and digitalization contribute to disrupting educational structures?
  • What is the role of lifelong learning and of informal learning and contextual factors in understanding education policy?
  • How is education policy influenced by disciplinary understandings of education, and how might multi and trans-disciplinarity and challenges to technocratic understandings contribute to progress?

Call for Abstracts

  • Each mini-conference will consist of 3 to 6 panels, which will be featured as a separate stream in the program.
  • Submissions for panels will be open to all scholars on the basis of an extended abstract.
  • The deadline for submissions/extended abstract is 10 January 2020.
  • Participants must submit a complete paper in advance by 2 June 2020.

Further information: