CAS-Blog: Pictures Tell a Thousand Stories

The Critical Automobility Studies (CAS) Lab at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna has recently initiated a blog to address (auto)mobility related reflections top the appearance of Covid-19.

As pictures tell thousand stories, the CAS-lab team would like to complement the blog reflections with pictures: photos reflecting on how mobilities, personal and social timespace were rearranged the world over due to the virus and the measures taken. They invite everyone to send in personal photos about (auto)mobility life in coronatimes. The photos will be published on the blog and, possibly, used for an exhibition at the Institute for Advanced Studies, in Vienna. Please send them to cas(at)

By sending the photos, senders agree to their publication on the CAS website, the potential presentation at a public exhibition at the IHS, and its use for creating scientific reflections on these (publications).