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Since the Industrial Revolution, countries in Europe, North America, and Asia have experienced sustained periods of economic growth. One of the main streams of research in macroeconomics has sought to investigate the underlying sources of improvements in standards of living and how these are influenced by economic policy. But it is also a fact of life that nations experience periods of turbulence in which the level of economic activity declines, sometimes dramatically. This can lead to particularly acute macroeconomic problems, such as high unemployment.

The mission of the macroeconomics group of the Department is to make original contributions to the understanding of issues such as long-run growth and business cycles. Our macroeconomic coursework is designed to convey to students the latest developments in this field. Our thorough education in the modern methods of macroeconomic research enables our students, after the completion of their graduate studies, to make their own findings in this crucial area of research.

The Macroeconomics Research Group:

Christian Haefke
Gabriel Lee
Tamás Papp
Michael Reiter
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