• Dr. Thomas Koenig

    • Techno-Science and Societal Transformation
    Strategic Advisor
    +43 1 59991 164
  • Sociology of science and innovation; governance of science; research funding in the EU; epistomologies in the social sciences; history of social sciences in Europe. 

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  • I work on questions related to the governance of science and, more broadly, sociology of science and innovation. Specifically, I work on the history and sociology of social sciences, research funding and research policy, and issues such as academic autonomy, decision-making, bibliometrics, impact analysis.

    My most recent publications include a monograph on the European Research Council, the first comprehensive analysis of its history, organisational setup, and impact, which has been published with Polity Press in January 2017.

    I write a blog on the Austrian newspaper Der Standard, "Politik Macht Wissenschaft"

    For further details see publications in IRIHS; Twitter: @th_koenig; ORC-ID: 000-0003-4337-5163.