Security and Stability

Security in a comprehensive sense is the common denominator for the research of the group. Individual experience of safety based on inclusion, social and political security is analyzed alongside institutional systems of protection. Security also encompasses quality of life (compatibility of work, reproduction and leisure, social insurance, openness for diversity) and the analysis of industrial relations – in particular, social dialogue as an instrument of European social policy.

Fields studied in this group include the relationship between subjective feelings of security and inclusion vs. economic, social and societal developments. The research covers the areas of education, poverty, equal opportunity and inequality, social background of crime, exclusion and inclusion as well as social cohesion within the EU. It investigates and compares welfare policies and services for different groups, gender roles, female employment and caring labour, glass ceilings, pay gaps, impacts of the educational system, as well as social and labour market actualities related to gender, sexual identity, migratory and education background, or class. The team also investigates social dialogue in the process of European enlargement and integration and, among others, evaluates different aspects of the Europe 2020 strategy.

These topics can be methodically analyzed in depth, amongst others by administrative data of the social security system. This is a specific field of competence of the group.

Head of Competence Center

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Kirchner Susanne

Head of Competence Center
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