Selected Projects

Digital world of employment

Principal Investigator: Susanne Kirchner
Project Members:
Barbara Angleitner
Project Start & Duration:
May 2016 until March 2017
Funding: European Commission / EZA (The European Centre for Worker’s Questions)

Vienna Gender Equality Monitoring Report

Principal Investigator: Andrea Leitner
Project Members: Anna Dibiasi, Karin Schönpflug
Project Duration:
May 2011 – June 2017
Financing: City of Vienna – MA57

Project Information: Gender monitoring is an essential tool to raise awareness for inequalities and to improve gender equality by evidence based policies. In a participative process including professional experts of the City of Vienna and researchers of different topics and based on previously defined equality objectives a set of gender indicators was developed. The Gender Monitor relates to a broad understanding of equality going beyond the usual topics and indicators. The second wave of the gender equality monitor offers results on the progress of gender equality in Vienna in specific topics and relations between different aspects of life.

More information: Vienna Gender Euqality Monitoring Report (pdf)

Urban sexual geographies, queer citizenship and the socio-economic status of LGBTIQs in Vienna

Principal Investigator: Karin Schönpflug
Project Members:
Hermann Kuschej, Christine Klapeer, Roswitha Hofmann
Project Start & Duration:
August 1, 2016 until July 30, 2017
Funding: OenB - Jubiläumsfonds Project No. 17049

Young people without access to education and the labor market in Vorarlberg

Principal Investigator: Hermann Kuschej
Project Start & Duration:
January 2016 until February 2017
Funding: AK Vorarlberg