Austrian wine business secures 75.000 jobs

This is one of the findings of an IHS study about the impact of the Austrian wine business on the national economy commissioned by the Austrian Wine Marketing Board. Alexander Schnabl of the IHS presented the results of the study today during a press conference at the Institute. Using multi-regional input-output analysis developed by the IHS the study measured and quantified the effects on the Austrian job market, tax income and the national value added.

Press Release (in German)
Summary of the study (in German)

22 Sep 2016

IHS Policy Brief on Education

The latest IHS Policy Brief by Lorenz Lassnigg is about 'Faktenbasierten Anregungen für eine neue Kultur in der Bildungspolitik und Bildungsreform: Kooperation und Augenmaß' ('Suggestions based on facts for a new culture in educational policy and educational reform: cooperation and a sense of proportion').
Link to Policy Brief on Education (in German only)
Link to Expertise pdf in German
Link to news article “Experte will Schulreform mit Lehrern, aber ohne Gewerkschaft" on of September 20, 2016 (in German only)

16 Sep 2016

IHS Director Martin Kocher and Wifo-Head Christoph Badelt on OE1

OE1 radio interview with IHS-Director Martin Kocher and Wifo-Head Christoph Badelt on the weekly OE1 economic magazine "Saldo -  das Wirtschaftsmagazin" of September 16, 2016. Radio reporter Barbara Battisti sat down with them and asked them about their expectations, experiences and motives.

Link to the program (in German)

16 Sep 2016

Public Lecture by Prof. Michael O'Flaherty from the Fundamental Rights Agency

On October 12, 2016 Prof. Michael O'Flaherty will give a public talk on "The ongoing crisis of migration policy and the Fundamental Rights Agency: tasks and challenges ahead” at the IHS.

This will be the first TARN public lecture hosted in Vienna.The Academic Research Network on Agencification of EU Executive Governance (TARN) aims to promote multi- and interdisciplinary research about the agencification of EU executive governance and to encourage a dialogue between academia and practitioners.

Invitation to the lecture
More information on TARN's international lecture series here.

16 Sep 2016

Partner Day „Familie und Beruf“ at the IHS

On October 6, 2016 the IHS will host an event of the network "Unternehmen für Familien" with keynotes by Federal Minister of Family and Youth Sophie Karmasin and IHS director Martin Kocher followed by an expert discussion on opportunities and perspectives for companies promoting family friendly labour policies.

Invitation (in German)

Event Registration

14 Sep 2016

New Publication by IHS Scholar Elad Klein

The article "Electoral Rules and Party Switching: How Legislators Prioritize Their Goals" written by IHS scholar Elad Klein published in the Journal Legislative Studies Quarterly is available online and in print in Volume 43, August 2016.

15 Sep 2016

Final report on the VAT Gap in the EU-28 Member States

Under the framework contract with the European Commission (DG TAXUD) where researchers of the IHS act as Consortium leader, the final report on the VAT Gap in the EU-28 Member States (pdf) has been published.
See Press Release of the European Commission (in German only)
See Fact Sheet on VAT Gap (pdf)

14 Sep 2016

New IHS project funded by OeNB

The OeNB Anniversary Fund has provided funding for the research project “Urban sexual geographies, queer citizenship and the socio-economic status of LGBTIQs in Vienna”.
Karin Schönpflug serves as principal investigator. The project, which started in August 2016, will end in July 2017.

13 Sep 2016

Prof. Martin Kocher took office on September 1, 2016

Prof. Martin Kocher has started in his new position as Scientific Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies on September 1, 2016.

01 Sep 2016

New Publication: The 2016 Austrian Presidential Election: A Tale of Three Divides

New article by IHS scholars Mario Gavenda and Resul Umit in the Journal Regional & Federal Studies:

The 2016 Austrian Presidential Election: A Tale of Three Divides

Article available online in the Journal Regional & Federal Studies (published online on July 18, 2016), print will follow in Volume 26, 2016.

19 Jul 2016

PAWCER – new research project at the IHS

The IHS research groups 'Labour Market and Social Policy' and 'European Integration' have been granted a joint grant by the FWF Wissenschaftsfonds to conduct comparative research on public attitudes to welfare, climate change and energy in the EU and Russia (PAWCER).
More information

12 Jul 2016

Current Job Openings at IHS

Health Economist post-doc

The Research Group HealthEcon is currently looking for a Health Economist post-doc.
Fur further details please find the job ad here (pdf in German).


Health Economist prae-doc

The Research Group HealthEcon is currently looking for a Health Economist prae-doc.
Fur further details please find the job ad here (pdf in German).


Student Assistant

The Research Group Equality and Education is currrently looking for a student assistant.
For further details please find the job ad here (pdf in German).


Head of Data Service Center

The IHS is looking for a Head of its Data Service Center.
For more details please find the job ad here (pdf in German).

21 Sep 2016

IHS researchers presenting at the Symposium "Konsum neu denken"

Simeon Hassemer and Michael Jonas are giving a presentation about consumer research at the 2nd Symposium of the network "Konsum neu denken" in Graz on September 22 and 23, 2016.

Title of their presentation: "Mehr als ein Flickenteppich? – Verbraucherforschung in Österreich".

More information on the symposium (pdf - in German)

22 Sep 2016

IAO Alumni Event at OFAI

IAO, the official IHS Alumni Organisation is organizing a special event series called "Unternehmen Forschung" presenting renown research institute founded by IHS alumni and former staff members.

The next event will take place at OFAI - Austrian Research Insitute for Artifical Intelligence on October 5, 2016 with a special presentation about "Big Data Analysis, Deep Learning, Music Processing, Robotics, et al."

Invitation (PDF in German only)
Space is limited. For registration please contact office(at)

08 Sep 2016

Lorenz Lassnigg lead author at IPSP

IHS researcher Lorenz Lassnigg acts as one of the lead authors at IPSP (International Panel to Social Progress) for Chapter 19 – How Can Education Promote Social Progress?

13 Sep 2016

Beate Littig presented at ECOPRO Debate

Link to Video on youtube
Link to Video on youtube

Beate Littig gave a presentation at the ECOPRO Debate at Budapest Degrowth Week on September 1, 2016 at Corvinus University of Budapest.

Watch video on youtube (presentation starting at11:50).

13 Sep 2016

Researchers from IHS at the ECPR General Conference in Prague

08 Sep 2016

New Publication: Gleichstellungspolitik öffentlicher Arbeitgeber

New Publication in German available now: Gleichstellungspolitik öffentlicher Arbeitgeber. Betriebliche Gleichstellung in den Bundesverwaltungen Deutschlands, Österreichs und der Schweiz.

Authors: Gesine Fuchs (Hochschule Luzern), Silke Bothfeld (Hochschule Bremen), Andrea Leitner (IHS), Sophie Rouault (Hochschule Bremen).

More information here (PDF in German) and at
Project funded by the SNF and the FWF.

01 Sep 2016

Clement calls on a change in European politics

On June 28, 2016, Wolfgang Clement, former Federal Minister of Economics and Labour from German gave an interesting keynote  on 'Employment Miracle Germany : a Model for Austria?' at the Economic Policy Talks organized by the IHS in cooperation with WKO.  
Review of the event - press release
Picture Gallery

Christoph Leitl
Wolfgang Clement
Bernhard Felderer

22 Aug 2016

New IHS Working Paper: Competitive Equilibrium and Trading Networks: A Network Flow Approach

New Working Paper in the IHS Economics Series by IHS guest professor Rakesh V. Vohra et al.: Competitive Equilibrium and Trading Networks: A Network Flow Approach.

Find the paper in the IHS Repository IRIHS

04 Aug 2016

Medium-term Economic Forecast for Austria 2016 - 2020

The IHS presents the medium-term economic forecast for Austria 2016 - 2020.

Press information of July 21, 2016 (pdf - in German)

21 Jul 2016

IHS consortium partner in H2020 PhD network

The Institute for Advanced Studies represented by Johannes Pollak will be one out of twenty consortium partners in a prestigious grant from Horizon 2020 to establish a PhD network on the EU’s post-crisis legitimacy

More information

07 Jul 2016

  • 28
  • Sep
  • 2016

Graduation Ceremony for the students of the PhD Program Political Science 2013 - 2016Commencement...

11:00 - 13:00, IHS, Lecture Room E02

  • 05
  • Oct
  • 2016

Presentation of OFAI - Austrian Research Insitute for Artifical Intelligence Title: "Big Data...

18:30 - 20:30, OFAI Institute, auf der Freyung 6/6, 1010 Vienna

  • 06
  • Oct
  • 2016

Keynote und Expertendiskussion über Chancen und Perspektiven für besonders familienfreundliche...

08:30 - 11:15, Hörsaal E02, IHS

  • 06
  • Oct
  • 2016

Fiscal Multipliers in a nonlinear world Mathias Trabandt (FU Berlin) Previous work has shown...

16:00 - 18:25, University of Vienna, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna (Skylounge, 12th floor)


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