Transformation towards Sustainable Work

Concepts of sustainable work start from the notion that modern societies are working societies, whose exchange with nature, i.e. the measurable material flows, are many times more and/or higher than they were in earlier forms of society
Taking into account the  ecological limits to growth and the multiple crisis (high unemployment rates, unsecure rates of economic growth, high national depths, climate chance, crisis of care, rising social inequality) concepts of sustainable labor societies investigate changes and hindrances of socio-ecological transformation on a theoretical and empirical level. Keywords for these approaches are: enlargement of the dominating narrow understanding of work as paid work, work time (reduction), redistribution and reorganization of work, care, green jobs, economy of commons, gender equity, quality of life, work-life balance, green economy.


Selected Projects

2014-2016: „The Role of Trade Unions and Workers’ Interests in the Social-Ecological Transformation towards a Climate-Friendly Society: The case of Austria.”; in cooperation with University of Vienna, Department of Political Science (Prof. Ulrich Brandt); Vienna University of Economics and Business (Prof. Sigrid Stagl); FORBA Vienna, (funded by: Klima- und Energiefonds)

2013-2015: „Nachhaltiges Wohnen und Arbeiten in einem Wohnprojekt: eine komparative praxistheoretische Analyse“, in cooperation with ÖIN/University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, funded by: Österreichische Nationalbank Stiftung)


Selected Publications

Wondrak, M., and Segert, A. (2015): Using the Diversity Impact Navigator to move from interventions towards diversity management strategies. Journal of Intellectual Capital, 16(1).

Littig, B. (2015): Work in the Current Green Economy Debate. A Feminist Perspective in: MacGregor, S. (ed.): International Handbook on Gender and Environment, Routledge

Littig, B. (2012): Von Rio 1992 zu Rio+20. Arbeit im Kontext der aktuellen Nachhaltigkeitsdiskussion, in: WSI-Mitteilungen, 8/2012, pp. 581-588

Littig, Beate; Grießler, Erich (2005): Social Sustainability: a catchword between political pragmatism and social theory, Int. J. Sustainable Development, Vol. 8, No. 1/2, 2005, 65-79.




Beate Littig